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meet the band


lead vocals

I have always loved singing and have carved out a career since the age of 18 when I first signed to a record label. Highlights included singing backstage at The Brit Awards, and the Armani fashion show.

As a solo artist I toured all across Europe before finally settling down in the UK in 2017. 

Alongside music I am a serial entrepreneur and own several businesses in Sussex, as well as being a dad to a beautiful little girl. 


Despite the solo success I always wanted to front a band but never had the chance..until Stereo Kings came calling! I take pride in getting the party started and love watching everyone singing with me on the dance floor.



As the newest member of Stereo Kings I've been amazed by how much fun we have playing as a band but also how much fun our audience have. As a drummer that's the best feeling you can have and I get to have it every time The Kings play! My current favourites to play are: Shut Up and Dance, Mr. Brightside and we do a great version of Wonderwall.  

I've been playing drums for nearly 30 years now, and I just can't help but love it, whether it's playing live, in the studio or teaching I never seem to be far from a kit. Growing up was the same, it all started with pots and pans before my first band at school with my mates. I did my first and last ever drum solo at my first gig, and promptly vowed never to do one again. My ego doesn't stretch to that!

Drumming has taken me all over the world: all over the UK, across Europe, Asia, Australia & Canada. I have also had chart success in the US (no.1 in the Shoegaze charts), and Vietnam (no.1 in the Rock Charts for 8 weeks). In recent live work I've been a member of Ray Owen's Juicy Lucy (1969 top 20 hit "Who Do You Love"), long established Glam Tribute act Flairz, and have previously toured with and supported such artist as: Florence & The Machine, Clem Burke (Blondie), Metronomy, British Sea Power, Buena Vista Social Club, Emelda May, Ulrich Schnauss, Chas n Dave(!), Hawkwind and many others. I have also recorded for Dave Davis of The Kinks, and a large number of recording sessions for various bands in the UK. 


bass guitar

Although raised on a healthy dose of Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, I didn't pick up my first instrument until the age of 15. I immediately started bass lessons with the intensions of learning my favourite Metallica songs. However, my bass tutor had different ideas and I was quickly learning the bass line of James Jamerson and Bernard Edwards Freak Out.

I attended Eastbourne Music and Technology College and soon established myself as a solid bassist. At this time I was heavily by funk rock and metal, and couldn't get enough of learning Incubus and RATM bass lines. 


I played in many little projects from the age of 15 but it wasn't until 19 that I became oe of the founding members of a funk metal band called Soul Sanctuary. Over the next 4 years the band established themselves as one of the biggest unsigned alternative metal bands inn the UK, playing across the country. During this time I also took session and dep work and as it became more lucrative I decided to focus on this. 

Having also been a founding member of blue rock band Grace & Danger I decided in 2019 that I wanted to pursue another function band, as now being married with a full time jobthe dream of being a rock star was all but over. Since 2020 Stereo Kings have gigged relentlessely despite the COVID19 restrictions, it has been non-stop action and I love it! 

I'm excited to be part of the best function/cover band in the South East and I have no doubt this will soon become the UK. It's honestly an absolute pleasure to play with other musicians who challenge and expect nothing but my best. The future is bright for The Kings 



A true metalhead at heart, my formative years were spent falling in love with theatre of live music. Gorging myself on the other worldly performances of bands like Slipknot, Lamb of God and Pantera, I couldn't get enough of the phrenetic energy transferred from the band to the audience. Since then, my biggest joy in life is playing live music with a group of my comrades. I've spent the last 10 years playing in bands in Brighton such as Wizard Sleeve, Tundra Love and Soul Honey, and now have the absolute joy of ripping with the Kings every week! 


As the newest member of the band, I strive to match the energy and commitment of my bandmates and am thoroughly enjoying seeing the faces of the people in the audience as we play their favourite songs. We twist and turn from style to style, with a common Kings thread that pierces through the whole set and gives the songs a unique flavour and energy. Its an honour to interact and share the music with so many people at the shows and bounce energy back and forth with joyful abandon, because that's what I think its all about. 


Each performance is unique, each event is an experience, and every person that see's us is part of it.


I can't wait for many more chances to rip with the boys! 

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